Why I love gardening?


Why I love gardening?

I love gardening because of the beauty and peace of mind flowers and plants can bring. From watching a tiny seed turn into a stunning display, to looking at the structure of plants and how they fit together in a garden design, brings a certain sense of magic and accomplishment.


​Some people have already discovered the joy gardening brings and I hope some of my plants find a special place in their soil. For others, gardening can be quite daunting as there is so much to learn. Hopefully, I can inspire and help you to grow beautiful plants in your gardens, patios, window boxes, pots or homes, and bring that spark of joy when a new leaf unfurls or a flower opens to show you their natural beauty.


I am a firm believer that gardening is so good for your mental and physical health. There is nothing as calming as being fully immersed in your garden, especially after a tough day. Whether you are just sitting and relaxing and taking in the scent and detail of your plants or getting stuck in with digging and placing plants in your own special order, it is a chance for you to unwind and forget the troubles of the world.


I am still learning every day but hope to pass on some inspiration for the novice gardener to get out and have a go, as well as helping the more experienced gardener, and maybe you can teach me a thing or two!



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