Ilsham Academy Update – Scale drawing and Grant Application

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Ilsham Academy Update - Scale drawing and Grant Application

You may remember from my last blog, the children and teachers of Ilsham C of E Academy had decided on the design they would like for their garden area. That was the easy part, and now it is time to turn that idea into a reality!


My wonderful husband and I went to take more accurate measurements of the area and make sure we knew where all the fixtures were that would not be moving. Interestingly, there is a tree right in the middle of the plot that cannot be touched, due to conservation orders, and this needed to be positioned correctly on the drawing. This meant I had to slightly adjust the original design and just move one of the flower beds.


After converting all the metre measurements into millimetres I came up with this scale drawing:


Each section has been labelled and an in depth quote has been put together with all the materials needed for each area. Each box on the graph paper is one metre so you can see this is quite a big area. I must say a big thank you to Timberstore in KIngskerswell for providing the quote for all the wood, screws and postcrete needed.


I presented all the information to the headteacher, Jake Grinsill, and he was really excited to see that this was becoming a reality. He could envision the area and where the children could grow their food and sit to read or to just reflect. He is now using the quote and drawing to apply for a grant to make this a reality.


During the meeting with Mr Grinsill he told me how excited the children were about being part of this journey of transformation and said that they had even come up with ideas of what they would like in the area on the right hand side. One of the children drew this picture:


I thought it was brilliant. They want an area they can go and sit on bean bags and relax and read books or just chill out at break time. They would like twinkly lights and an old fish tank to be transformed into a puppet theatre. Well this has got my brain going again and I have got a seriously good idea which you may be reading about on here soon.


Watch this space!

Paulines Plants Torquay, Torquay Based Garden Centre, Garden Designs

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