Maria’s Magical Moongate Garden

Maria's Magical Moongate Garden

When Maria asked me to design her garden I knew that one of the most important points to take into account was that everyone in the family loves the outdoors and wanted to be part of the open space they have at home and so this is what I came up with:


If you look at the overall plan in the top right hand corner you can see that the garden is in two sections with a patio area by the back door and a grassy area at the other end of the garden. I wanted to tie the whole garden together but create an air of mystery at the same time and so I placed the moongate in the middle. On the right hand side is a flower bed and on the left is a shed with some gas bottles. These could easily be disguised with a bug hotel and living roof above it. 


I remembered how much Maria’s children loved to grow their own food in their last home and so I included three raised beds so each child could take ownership of their area, paint the box in their favourite colour and grow plants they wanted to grow. The children were already starting to talk about what they could grow and that made me so happy as they were already becoming invested in the outdoor space. 


Raised flower beds are included down the side of the garden for Maria to grow as many beautiful flowers as she wants and there are raised beds behind the outdoor furniture for herbs or low growing bamboo. 


Overall I feel everyone in the family could see how the garden would work for them and they were raring to get started on it. 


If you would like a garden design then email me for details. 

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