My Front Garden Design – Part 2

My Front Garden Design - Part 2

This week has been all about clearing out everything we do not want in the front garden anymore. My husband and I have worked hard clearing out all the plants. I know that some people would say that this was a waste but there are several reasons why I wanted the area cleared. They are:


  1. We have bindweed growing in the front garden and it can be a pain if you do not keep on top of it. I did not want to keep any plants where bindweed roots may be lingering as they can so easily spread and grow again.
  2. The planting scheme in the garden was plants chosen from the previous owner and as much as they were good hardy shrubs, they were not plants that I would have chosen. I want to put my own stamp on my garden
  3. We removed a Palm tree. I know that some people will say that we should have kept it but it was getting very tall and leggy and I do not want to be responsible for it falling and hitting anyone. Also, anyone with a palm tree will know that the brown fronds look ugly and are constantly falling.

The last thing we did was to cover the area with a weed suppressant. This is only a temporary measure but will stop any weeds growing in the newly dug area.


It has been really great working on this project with my husband, Craig, as we have been able to talk about ideas of what we want, what we need and what works. I always find that when anything is being designed that I start off with this ideal image and then apply common sense and create a realistic design.


The next stage is the exciting part. I am going to sit down and just start putting some shapes and ideas onto paper. I am just going to start off with a rough sketch of the area and add my current ideas and see what works. I will show you the process in my next blog.


Speak soon

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