My Front Garden Design – Part 3

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My Front Garden Design - Part 3

Whenever you watch these garden makeover programmes they just spend about 30 seconds showing you that the garden is cleared and ready for the design to start being built, however, I have always found that reality is a bit different to this.


You may have noticed in my previous posts that there was a large pile of logs on the front garden which we need for our wood burner. The problem is they need to be stored until next year so that they dry out. Before any work can start on the front garden, these logs need a home. I was talking to one of my lovely customers the other day about having to do one job before you can get on with the next and she said it is a bit like a jigsaw; you can’t fit one-piece in until you have put other pieces in first. She is so right.


My wonderful husband and I spent last week designing and making a wood store and a place to store my plant pots. We started off using the joists from the decking we replaced last year to make the frame and then used a pallet splitter to take some pallets apart to make the shelves. We did not have quite enough and just had to buy some wood to finish off the final section. All in all, it cost us about £100 to make a very smart wood and plant pot store.


We know that we are not going to get the whole front garden done in one go so we have covered all the bare soil with weed suppressant. We do not want to dig the dirt over again when we are ready to start work. The next stage is the exciting stage where we will start getting some ideas down onto paper. I will share this with you in the coming weeks so you can see my thought processes.


Thank you for being part of this journey,

Paulines Plants Torquay, Torquay Based Garden Centre, Garden Designs

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