My Front Garden Design – Part 5

My Front Garden Design - Part 5

I am sorry about the delay from the last blog and now. There has been a lot of activity here with my new greenhouse being built and my back garden converted to store all my plants. I am finally at the stage where I can now concentrate on the design details for the front garden and get that started. I have been thinking about it a lot and this is an important stage in the process. I have been thinking about; what the fences will look like? what will people see from different angles? how do I create intrigue and mystery in a small space? what materials work best in the garden and do they match the house? 


I have found a great landscaper and builder who is just as passionate about garden design as I am. Xander Phillips from AJ Landscaping (07724058352) has a real eye for detail and his work is of the highest quality and accuracy. He is the one that has just completed my greenhouse and back garden which has essentially become a mini garden centre. 


Anyway, back to the front garden design! I have put together a detailed list now of materials and requests for the front garden. One thing to remember is to be flexible. Not all of the ideas will work or look right when it is being built so do not be afraid to make adjustments. It is not a good idea to change the whole design once building has started so you do need to be confident in your overall design. I cannot wait to see my ideas turn into reality. 


Here are the pages I have sent so Xander can look at materials and a price for building.


Hopefully the next time I send a blog, it will be to say that work has begun and my dream garden is becoming a reality.


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