My Front Garden Design – Part 7 made me cry

My Front Garden Design - Part 7 made me cry

I have been really pleased with the progress of the build taking place over the last few weeks (the weather has certainly not helped) by Xander from AJ Landscaping, however, from previous experience I know there is a certain point where it feels like everything is coming together and this was it. 



I was really ill last week, and some may say that this caused me to be emotional, but when the fence panels were put into place I couldn’t help my but have a little tear well up. I am not materialistic but I do appreciate beauty, and a little geometry (don’t tell my Maths teacher friends). Xander had built the frame for the fence panels (from Charles and Ivy website) and this is what it looks like:



I was totally blown away by how the fence panels alone have brought together the design. Things have changed since these photos. All the boxes and frames have been painted black and ready for installation with LED strip lights behind the main panels so the shadows reflect through. I cannot wait to show you the next stage. I need to start thinking about my planting scheme. Exciting times ahead.



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